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Some people habitually grind their teeth often as a way of releasing stress. Dentists call this 'bruxing'. Both children and adults can do this, almost always at night. Bruxing can deform the natural shape of teeth, but there are several things that can be done to restore the damage.

Grinding speeds the ageing process

Grinding makes the teeth less effective for chewing. It may also make the face look prematurely old. Teeth naturally wear as you age, but nervous grinding accelerates this habit and can make people look years older than they really are. When dentists restore the form and shape of teeth, they instantaneously rejuvenate both the smile and face.

What signs suggest that you are a 'grinder'?

Your teeth look worn down

Look at the biting surfaces of your teeth, particularly the upper and lower front teeth. Have they become short, 'stubby' and flat? Do the front teeth look the same length? If so, they are probably wearing down prematurely.

Your jaw muscles are sore

If you sometimes wake up with painful or sore jaw muscles, you may be grinding your teeth at night. If you are a habitual and continuous grinder, your jaw chewing muscles will become unduly prominent (which is called the 'Schwarzenegger' effect).

Your teeth are unusually sensitive

In some cases your teeth will be rather sore and oversensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

Grinding noises disturb your sleeping partner

The sound of grinding teeth during the night can be very off-putting to your sleeping partner and prevent him or her from getting proper rest. This can be one of your first indications that something is wrong.

The consequences of tooth grinding are destruction of tooth enamel and a prematurely aged look but there are possibilities for treatment. If you think that you grind your teeth, talk us. Sometimes an unbalanced bite contributes to the problem. A customized tooth-guard, to be worn at night or in stressed situations like intense sports or work can instantly ease the damage caused by grinding.

Restoring your teeth's form and shape to their natural proportions will instantly rejuvenate your face and smile. The final result is a set of teeth that look better, make the face younger and protect against further tooth-grinding damage.It will also have a strong rejuvenating effect on you smile.